The Asia Pacific Employee Relations Group (APERG) provides a forum for Asia-based senior HR executives at multi-national enterprises to discuss and collaborate on issues of mutual concern. APERG was formed in 2012 at the request of several HR executives with operations in Asia to help manage growing labor and policy challenges across the region. Through regular calls, meetings, and training sessions, the Group has quickly established itself as a key network and resource for HR professionals in Asia.

APERG is a global affiliate of the U.S.-based HR Policy Association and shares many of the same member companies, representing the chief human resources officers of major corporations doing business in the United States. APERG is also allied with the Brussels European Employee Relations Group (BEERG), which represents the senior employment relations officers of companies doing business in Europe.



Asia Pacific Employee Relations Group was formed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Provide a continuing source of information on developments in Asia-Pacific concerning:
    1. Trends in employment practices, workforce development, the use of expatriates and recruitment & retention challenges; and
    2. Legal and policy developments that will impact employment costs, workplace practices and work location/relocation decisions.
  2. Provide a forum for members to meet (virtually or face-to-face) periodically to discuss subject matters of common interests and challenges in Asia-Pacific relevant to employee relations;
  3. Facilitate a network of senior human resources (“HR”) executives in the region to enable improvements in benchmarking and information sharing;
  4. Provide a forum to accelerate the development of functional HR excellence in the region particularly in the area of employee relations; and
  5. Provide target support of efforts to give feedback to governments through communication and analysis regarding members' issues in specific countries where appropriate.